Pill Reminder features:

• Creation of a reminder for your pill or everything what you need to eat, spread or smear, drip, drink etc.
• Unlimited number of reminders and reminder times
• A list of tasks in the clear schedule (the nearest term is above, and the following terms with a short description are displayed below it)
• The possibility to set the date frame, within which you have to use a product (for example 10 days), after this time the Reminder will be deactivated automatically
• The possibility to set the amount/number and the frequency
• The possibilty to postpone the Reminder for 20 or 60 minutes (Regarding medicines the longer delay is pointless)
• Pill Remider works also when the application is closed and after a phone restart it launches automatically
History of taking in the clear summary (you can look back what you took/did not take or you can even change the date and time in the history according to the real state of your intake)
Pill Reminder does not download any files from the internet (the app is completely offline)
Pill Reminder does not send any data anywhere (unlike a usual phone calendar, that mostly sends everything to the internet)
Pill Reminder keeps everything just in your phone – it is important in terms of sensitive data about medicines you take
Pill Reminder is completely free for all users

The system requires just two permissions: vibration control, run at startup

If you have a suggestion what else the Pill Reminder should “know”, or if you find a mistake, let us know and we will try to update the application.

Pill Remider was created thanks to Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG and the drug Milgamma N against back pain.